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Benefits for Our Selected Physicians

The International Association of Cardiologists has a wide portfolio of benefits for its members. With Top Healthcare Professionals in numerous specialties, many of our benefits are tailored specifically to those physicians’ needs and practices. For more information, please fill out this form to be contacted by one of our representatives.

The Leading Physicians of The World
Doctors of Excellence

Upon acceptance into the IAC, you will be published in our world renowned Book The Leading Physicians of The World.

The Book not only serves as a reference and a guide for medical professionals and consumers, but is also a symbol of status and achievement in your specific specialty and career.

The Leading Physicians of The World is distributed to thousands of consumers and medical providers across the globe. It will promote yourself and your practice and will contain a complete professional and educational biography for all to see.

Online Presence

In addition to being published in the The Leading Physicians of The World, our top healthcare providers and their practices will also be promoted online. Consumers are increasingly going to search engines to find out more about their healthcare, and by increasing your online presence patients will be able to easily access your information and recognize you as a Top Healthcare Provider in their area.

As a top physician in your specialty your full educational and professional biography will be featured in the top pages of Google, validating your credentials, and bringing in future business.

Networking Capabilities

With thousands of other top physicians in every specialty, IAC is a great place to collaborate on ideas and network with colleagues, classmates and friends from the past. Upon setting up your profile, you will have access to other members based on similarities such as: Specialty, medical school, residency, affiliations, etc.

Through our state of the art online networking you will be able to chat with other members both locally and around the world. It is also a place to share information and get feedback from other physicians. Here, you can create discussions, set up live meetings with certain groups, and create podcasts.

Findatopdoc.com/ 1-866-664-DOCS

With the goal of guiding consumers to the top physicians in their area, IAHCP has created findadoctor.com, and 1-866-664-DOCS. Upon acceptance into the IAHCP, our select group of top physicians will be listed both online and through our 24 hour call center.

With numerous search fields based on proximity, insurance coverage, and requested service, these two means of searches have proven extremely beneficial to both patients and our members.

Direct Mail Promotions

Increasingly business is a common goal that all of our members share. To help our Top Healthcare Professionals do so, we have initiated direct mail programs which advertise our member’s services and promotions.

With access to millions of consumer lists, reaching out and getting new business has never been easier. Bring in new patients, or maintain your current clients with special deals, reminders and promotions.

Personalized Online Question and Answer forums for Consumers in Your Area

Many consumers turn to the Web for answers regarding their health. IAC has created a way for people to get answers to those questions and increase your business at the same time. We have found that patients like to feel comfortable with their doctors, and through the exchange of question and answers, rapport is built and appointments are usually made within 24 hours.

Let’s say a consumer has a question on heart disease. This person will go on our website, enter their zip code, and select the specialty cardiology. This question will then be forwarded to the Top Cardiologist closest to that zip code, and can be answered at that doctor’s leisure. Each question is available for 48 hrs, and if unanswered, it will be forwarded to the next closest physician.

Once answered, the consumer will automatically be forwarded that doctors contact information and professional biography. This is a great tool which increases a patient’s knowledge on their health, but also brings business into your office.

Honorary Wall Plaque

Solid wood and laser engraved, The IAC wall plaque is a personal tribute to the success you have attained throughout your career.

It acknowledges you as a Top Physician in your area, and is a reminder of your great achievements. Best displayed in a place where your patients can see, The IAC Honorary Wall Plaque is sure to be a great conversation piece.

Certificate of Recognition

Upon acceptance into The IAC, members are awarded a Certificate of Recognition. Each certificate is personalized and contains the IAC platinum seal of authenticity, and the name of the association for your specific specialty.

Beautifully designed, and an enhancement to office décor, The Certificate of Recognition serves as a third party endorsement of your personal and professional achievements.

Discount Network

With costs continually rising to run a business, IAC offers a discount network to their members offering price breaks on numerous office supplies and brand names. Members are also offered discounts on travel for your next vacation.

Website Hosting

As a member, The IAC offers to host your website for no cost. We also have a fulltime IT team on staff, willing to help you with design, and or search engine placement.

To hear about more of our benefits, please fill out this form, or call 1-631-650-2499

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